Basq,basq 孕妇专用妊娠纹按摩油 柑橘醒肤款

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Top selling, gold standard of toning oils for resilient, firm skin in an uplifting citrus grapefruit aroma. Basq blends the highest quality essential oils loaded with nutrients that fortify the dermis layer for real skin change. Fight saggy or spongy skin aggressively with these targeted, essential fatty acid rich oils. Fast absorption makes a difference; these oils never sit on top. They work deep down where damage can be fixed. Skin toners rosehip and grape seed, plus omega rich hazelnut, sweet almond and sunflower nourish tone and tighten in a way surface lotions just can’t. Our base oil hazelnut is not only incredibly rich, its astringent properties really tighten and tone skin. Instantly transforming, your skin will have a gorgeous, healthy glow. Also ideal for stretch mark prevention and repair during weight loss, growth spurts, and pregnancy. This uplifting aroma is an instant energizer. Plus grapefruit citrus oils help with swelling, circulation and vein issues.*****product dimensions::1.5 x 1.5 x 5 inches ; 8 ounces


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